The Background

The Oystercatcher, a charming Vintage Inns pub in Littlehampton, recently underwent a significant refurbishment. As part of this transformation, the Mitchells and Butler owned property needed their curtains and blinds updated and having collaborated with M&B on several refurbishment projects, Karen, the head of soft furnishings at Contract Furniture Group, was called upon to design brand new curtains and blinds for this project.

The Oystercatcher Soft Furnishings Contract Furniture Group

The Task

The pub’s original decor reflected its historical architecture, with timber beams & columns, walnut-stained furniture, and brown checkered blinds & curtains creating a rather dark ambiance. Keane, the project’s interior designers, aimed to rejuvenate the space by brightening the interior, introducing more colour, and using contrasting fabrics to create distinctive areas within the pub. These areas would retain a traditional touch while incorporating modern comforts and our team at Contract Furniture was tasked with designing new blinds and curtains that would complement the refreshed interiors and be practical & functional for guests.

The Oystercatcher Soft Furnishings Contract Furniture Group

The Work

A site visit was conducted to obtain precise measurements for each window frame and after meeting with the Keane, the interior designers to gain an understanding of the colour schemes and fabrics to be used in the upholstery, they selected the appropriate fabrics and styles for the curtains and blinds.


Main Area:

In the main area, the design maintained a traditional look with wainscoting wall panelling, exposed brickwork, fireplaces, and warm woods. Modern twists were added through upholstered furniture with tan leather and abstract prints. For these areas, we installed Roman Blinds made from natural-toned fabric with a subtle woven pattern and an antique brass chain. These blinds were constructed with blackout lining to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for visitors as night fell. The largest set of Roman blinds was for the bay window at the front of the pub, consisting of three blinds to cover the entire window area. Additionally, we installed a large double-sided pinch pleat curtain in a rich green fabric with a brass pole, to section off certain dining areas within an archway.

The Oystercatcher Soft Furnishings Contract Furniture Group

Private Function Area: 

The private function area featured livelier interiors with pink and green floral upholstery. The client chose blinds with a bold vertical zigzag pattern in subtle colours to avoid clashing with the furniture. The fabrics used included Bancroft Linen and Villa Nova Kimba Lichen, both contract standard and fire retardant.



The conservatory is a bright, open space where diners can enjoy garden views. To allow natural light and maintain the lovely views, the client opted for faux wood slatted blinds. These blinds are functional, as they can be opened in the summer to help circulate fresh air and closed in the winter to retain heat.


The Result

The Oystercatcher has undergone a complete transformation, now feeling light, bright, and modern with elegant stylings. Karen and the soft furnishings department successfully paired functionality and design to create blinds and curtains that enhance the pub's ambiance and fit beautifully within each room.

The Oystercatcher Soft Furnishings Contract Furniture Group