The Background 

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, Jeru is a prestigious high-end restaurant renowned for its opulence and exquisite Mediterranean culinary offerings. Unfolding over multiple levels, this establishment transcends the conventional restaurant experience to take diners on a truly captivating sensory journey. 

Jeru, meaning ‘old town’, recently expanded its horizons with the opening of a fourth floor and the creation of the exciting new Sapphire Lounge. In collaboration with the visionary designer Anne Rhind from Studio ARIN, the team breathed beautiful life into this private dining haven adorned with decadent gold and rich blues dominating the walls and upholstery. 



The Task 

With a history of collaboration with Jeru, our Head of Curtains Projects, Karen, was entrusted to elevate the space even further with sumptuous soft furnishings. The Sapphire Room, initially designed for large gatherings, presented an opportunity to create smaller, intimate areas through the use of luxurious drapes that would gracefully partition the room into six private dining alcoves. 

Descending to the basement, the project extended to create an atmospheric backdrop for live performers and DJs with drapes that would not only set the stage for entertainment but discreetly veil back-of-house areas.  



The Work 

Commencing the project, a comprehensive site visit involved close collaboration with both the client and designer. This crucial step allowed our team to meticulously measure the space, laying the groundwork for the installation of tracks that seamlessly traverse the room to define the individually separated areas. In harmony with the opulent gold Arabian theme and the room's name, the team opted for Tarim Woad by Skopos, a rich sapphire wide-width silk-look fabric. This exquisite material was expertly crafted into double-sided wave-headed drapes, each thoughtfully lined with acoustic material to soften sounds between individual enclosed guest sections. 



Progressing to the next phase of the curtain project, our team moved on to the basement, where they crafted drapes for a balcony hosting live performers and DJs. These drapes not only served as a captivating backdrop for performers but also discreetly offered privacy for the back of the house and cleverly disguised the cloakroom. Remaining true to the Sapphire Lounge's aesthetic, these basement drapes were tailored in a similarly rich teal chenille fabric. 



Challenges arose in crafting an arched curtain track for the ground floor dining area, but our team showcased technical mastery to deliver a stunning draped double-sided curtain in Jute with goblet heading and brass holdbacks. The project concluded with the installation of four slot-top voiles for the windows to the front elevation, softening the light while maintaining privacy. 

The Result  



In the culmination of this visionary project, our soft furnishing team unveiled exclusive dining realms within the Sapphire Lounge. Meticulously designed drapes not only enhance aesthetics, but also create an intimate acoustic environment for guests. The result is a compelling identity where Mayfair diners can savour exquisite meals enveloped in the allure of Middle Eastern inspirations.