The Background

Nidd Hall was built in the 18th century, in Nidd, North Yorkshire, by a wealthy wool merchant. This Grade II listed building has been home to many aristocrats and a few notorious parties for royalty over the decades and in 1987 became a countryside hotel. Set over 45 acres the impressive building has an array of architectural styles and award-winning gardens including several impressive mazes.

The hotel is now amongst Warner Leisure’s collection of stunning hotels and resorts within the UK, Contract Furniture Group work very closely with Warners on many of their properties, with Nidd Hall being subject to a continuous improvement schedule of works.


Nidd Hall Contract Furniture

The Task

Over the span of 3 years, we have been working with Nidd Hall to update various elements of the hotel, including the 193 bedrooms, dining and lounge areas. Due to the existing rooms within the property that had started to look worn and reflect the age of the building, the client requested a refresh of the loose furniture, that combined the grandeur and elegance of traditional design with the clean lines and bold prints of contemporary aesthetics. The goal was also to achieve the brand standards applied to all of the Warner hotels we work on, which meant choosing pieces that we already use within their other properties and tailoring them to the uniqueness of Nidd Hall and its older client base.

Nidd Hall Contract Furniture

The Work

Work commenced within the lounge and dining areas, including The Drawing Room, The Oak Room and The Brasserie. The Drawing Room, a lounge area which showcases the grandeur of the venue with coffered ceilings and gold chandeliers, was fitted with a range of plush furnishings for guests to relax on. To complement the cream walls and golden and antique fixtures we placed our Walter 3 seater in a Moray Midnight colour and our Nina Carver Chairs in Lush Peacock, a lovely velvet fabric with a walnut polished frame. The Nina chairs were accompanied by Sailor Dining Height Tables, also in a walnut finish. To add extra comfort our lounging Dino Tub Chairs were also acquired and upholstered in a subtle geometric print.

With similar grandeur to the Drawing Room, the Oak Room, is another lounging area with traditional wooden wall panelling and large floor-to-ceiling windows. Situated within this room are our Nina Carver Chairs and Jackson Tub Chairs that feature a striking geometric printed fabric, mixing traditional fabrics with a contemporary pattern to add visual interest within the room.

Nidd Hall Contract Furniture Suites

The Brasserie is one of the stand-out rooms within Nidd Hall that features a stunning large marble open fireplace, where guests come for breakfast and to rest in the calm and tranquil atmosphere. Within this room, our Omega Wing Chairs have been used to reflect a more traditional look with the design and checkered fabric used.

The next phase of the roll-out was 193 bedrooms, starting with the Signature Rooms, which are a little larger than their standard rooms. Having been tailor-made for Nidd Hall, our case gods are the main feature in these rooms and include wardrobes, nightstands and a long desk, ideal for a dressing table and tv stand. The signature rooms also comprise of our Nina Float Back Button Carver Chairs and bespoke headboards in beige linen fabric from Clarke & Clarke.


The Result

As Nidd Hall is an ongoing project, meaning the final overall result may not be seen for some time. The areas that have been refitted so far have now certainly stepped away from the traditional and into the modern era of furnishings, combining classic shapes and textures with contemporary styles and fabrics, whilst also enhancing the blend of comfort and style suited for such a fantastic venue.

Nidd Hall Contract Furniture