Manhattan Pergola (3m x 3.6m)

Manhattan Pergola (3m x 3.6m)


Stock 3m x 6m Manhattan Pergola


Bespoke heating and lighting packages available on request.


Full fitting by our product trained installations team available from as little as £500 


Click here to see how easy it is to open and close the Manhattan Pergola's louvered roof.


Foot Plate width(mm) 180 x 180

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Technical Information
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Depth (mm) 3000
Width (mm) 3600
Height (mm) 2500
Frame Material Aluminium
Frame Finish Powder Coated
Type of Upholstery Non Upholstered Frame
Product Certification & Disclaimers

Wind Resistance Testing


Install the pergola according to the manufacturer’s instruction and make the center of side structure (top rail) to face the wind tunnel. Adjust the height of outlet of the wind tunnel if necessary. All the legs shall be secured to avoid moving during test.


The pergola shall undergo total five times of wind resistance test, with using different ranks of wind speed (10m/s, 15m/s, 20m/s, 24m/s and 28m/s.) from low to high. The wind shall be applied to the center of the side structure (top rail) and shall keep a steady speed for 30 seconds in each rank of test. The pergola should be checked thoroughly after each time of test.


The pergola shall have no damage or irreversible deformation after each rank of test. The test should be stopped when it becomes conscious of any damage or irreversible deformation.



Passed at all wind speeds


Resistance to Water Accumulation Testing


Acc. to DIN ISO 5912: 5.6 or by a rain test with about 5 Liter/min pro m2.

There shall be no water accumulation that will impair the structural safety of the pavilion.



No water accumulation.


Resistance to Snow Load Testing


Roof load capacity tested, test with 0.5 kN/m2, The load shall be distributed evenly on the roof.

There shall be no damage and function is well after test.



Applied the testing load of 600kg on roof. (25kg for each panel evenly distributed)

No permanent deformation was found after and during test.


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